LinkedIn, the largest PROFESSIONAL networking platform, has the most members who are in a business mindset when using social sites.

LinkedIn ranks #1 in lead generation and offers a wide range of options for increased reach. While several people use LinkedIn to stay in touch with former friends and colleagues, more members focus on intentional networking. Utilizing your existing LinkedIn network is the fastest way for your business to find new leads.

Here are some creative ways to use LinkedIn to connect with your ideal audience.

Ask Your Current Contacts for Introductions

Most entrepreneurs have no problem asking their friends in real life for contacts or introductions for their business but forget about asking their online connections for introductions. To take advantage of the potential leads you can gain from your current contacts, send them a message explaining your business and what you are up to. Ask if they have any associates or colleagues who would be interested in what you offer.

Search People and Gain Introductions

Connect with Your Ideal AudienceConduct an advanced search to find people on the site that you would be interested in meeting, and then determine who in your current network can make an introduction. For this strategy to work, you must have a clear idea of your target audience and the right keywords to search for the right people.

Publish Content

LinkedIn allows you to publish articles, known as “Long-Form-Posts.” While this strategy might not provide you with an immediate large audience, the strength of this type of content gives you a very targeted audience of prospects and influencers in your industry. Not only will your post be shared with your contacts and followers, but interested people will also be able to find your content via a search on LinkedIn or other search engines.

Engage with Visitors to Your Profile

As you become more active on LinkedIn, you will find more people visiting your profile. Check your profile regularly to see who has viewed it, and reach out to them and try to connect. It is essential to communicate with these viewers who are especially relevant to your industry and are possible prospects.

These are just a few of the creative ways your business can start to connect intentionally and generate more leads through LinkedIn.

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Author: Cheri Martin, So Social Visionary
Your Guide to Simple Strategies that Grow Your Network and Your Business Using LinkedIn™️