Social Media has allowed entrepreneurs and small businesses to compete in the online marketing arena alongside the large national brands.

However, to be successful, a small business must invest its time wisely and learn how to effectively attract and engage quality customers and clients with Social Media.

To achieve results from your social media marketing efforts, be sure to take advantage of the many social platforms and tools that are readily available, and learn what works and what doesn’t.

To improve customer loyalty and gain more visibility faster to a broader network, build these action items into your planning:

  • Know your exact target market and which social network sites they are on.
  • Have a clear objective of what you what to accomplish.
  • Have a social media strategy and implementation plan to reach your objectives.
  • Put an engagement plan together.
  • Have a system in place to track and measure results.
Essential Steps for Social Media Success

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Author: Cheri Martin, So Social Visionary; Your Guide to Simplifying Social Media for Growth, Prosperity, and Success