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Are you an Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner struggling to attract potential clients and grow your business?LinkedIn Mastery

Are you frustrated with no engagement when you post on Facebook?

If so, you are NOT alone!

Many of my clients face these same challenges.

Just like you, they were constantly hitting roadblocks in their social media marketing. They were investing time and resources into Facebook posting, and even advertising, only to see diminishing returns, or no returns at all.

When I shared the power of LinkedIn, they were a bit skeptical because they thought of it as a resume and a place to look for a job.

That was true many years ago, but today LinkedIn is 277% more effective than Facebook for generating leads. Yes! You read that right!

LinkedIn has far surpassed Facebook for growing your business.

So are you ready to tap into the power of LinkedIn to connect with a vast network of professionals who are actively seeking the services you offer?

Are you ready to…

LinkedIn MasteryExpand your audience

Build meaningful connections

Ultimately grow your business

Are you ready to get results like my clients who are learning to master LinkedIn:

Nancy Peltonen

I decided to do a little experiment and post my weekly Teach Me Tuesday on both my Facebook business page and LinkedIn. The results after 2 weeks – no significant engagement on my Facebook post but both weeks’ people commented on my LinkedIn post. If you are not getting the results you want on Facebook, explore how LinkedIn might provide for more traction. Cheri Martin is an expert at LinkedIn and her classes on LinkedIn have really helped me update mine and begin to use it more consistently. And due to my showing up consistently and being more visible I was recognized as one of the Top 15 Coaches in Orlando in 2023.” – Vicki Ibaugh, Business Coach and Certified Kolbe Consultant

George Kerestes

Hoping to come away with a stellar profile after taking Cheri Martin’s “Level Up Your LinkedIn” course, I was surprised with the results. Not quite finished with all the suggested and targeted updates Cheri recommended in completing my profile, I received notification from LinkedIn that I am currently an “All-Star!” WhooHoo!! Cheri keeps tabs on the intricacies and changes LinkedIn implements on a daily basis and shares them with her people. I highly recommend taking one of Cheri’s classes to learn from this brilliant influencer on the topic of social media. Following and working with this woman will be one of the best, and smartest, decisions you make today!” – Peggy Lee Hanson, Book Writing Coach and Publisher

Sandy Pfrimmer

On 11/30/22, I was starting at ground zero when I joined the LinkedIn Mastery. I did not have a LinkedIn account or have a clue on how to navigate this social media tool. After her first session, I developed my initial profile. During the following LinkedIn Mastery sessions, we focused on different topics and sections to improve our understanding on how to use LinkedIn. Her expertise is willingly shared with individual and group training, coaching, strategy sessions, and presentations. Each session is always packed with so many useful ideas to implement! Within five months, I was contacted by someone on LinkedIn who was impressed with my profile and wanted to consider me for a nurse expert case. I sincerely appreciate Cheri for helping me to become visible on LinkedIn!” – Mary Beth Kerstein RN, BSN, MSN Legal Nurse Consultant

Martha Sanchez

“Cheri gave a great presentation at a Legal Nurse Consulting conference I attended. Her presentation included valuable information on how we could leverage social media and optimize our LinkedIn profile. She was generous in offering a one-to-one meeting as well. I took advantage of that offer and am grateful that I did. Cheri reviewed my profile and brought my attention to some areas needing improvement. Had I not spoken with her, I would not have thought of some of her recommendations on my own. She is a highly valuable resource to anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of LinkedIn and social media, and how to use it effectively.” – Lynda Waggoner, DNP, APRN, Legal Nurse Consultant and Nurse Practitioner 

Now you may be thinking, “I’m not sure my clients are on LinkedIn, or I don’t have the time to spend on one more platform.”

But let me ask you this:

Is what you are doing now getting you the results you want?

What if you could make better use of your time and energy to get greater results?

Hi, I am Cheri Martin, and I too fell into the trap of Facebook, and for many years it actually grew my business. Then as the ever changing algorithms adjusted, it slowly quit working as well.LinkedIn Mastery Coach That is when I went back to the first online networking platform I ever used: LinkedIn.

I have been on LinkedIn since 2007, and began teaching my clients how to set up and use LinkedIn to network in 2008. I’ve coached over 2,500 individuals, corporate team members, and workshop attendees on how to build a robust LinkedIn profile, use best practices to attract a strong network, and lead generation strategies to gain new clients, collaboration partners, and speaking opportunities on LinkedIn.

In 2020, soon after the start of the pandemic, I had a number of associates and clients contact me for LinkedIn training. In the fall of 2020 I launched my first of ten, Level Up Your LinkedIn Profile masterclasses. In 2023 I added another necessary element to the masterclass — on-going training and coaching accountability for greater success.

For the first time, I am taking all the simple strategies and systems I use to grow my business and put them into an 8-week interactive program, The LinkedIn Mastery Jumpstart, that will give you the momentum necessary to stand out and become known before you are needed.

LinkedIn Mastery

This 8-week interactive program is going to ensure you have:

linkedin icon A LinkedIn Profile that has you standing out from the crowd, grabbing attention, setting you apart from your competitors, and drawing in potential clients who are eagerly seeking the solutions you offer. 

linkedin icon A simple engagement strategy that will create quality connections, expanding your network strategically and building meaningful relationships that can open doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and referrals.

linkedin icon A LinkedIn Action Checklist to keep you ‘top of mind’ by aiding you in sharing valuable content, engaging in thought-provoking discussions, connecting intentionally, and being known before you are needed. 

linkedin icon The confidence to embrace your expertise and receive endorsements and recommendations from satisfied clients and colleagues, transforming your LinkedIn presence and generating quality leads. 

linkedin icon The knowledge and tools needed to craft your LinkedIn strategy, propelling your business towards unprecedented growth, and making 2024 your year of LinkedIn Mastery!

Your path to success includes:

LinkedIn Mastery Training and Social Media Strategy CoachingSix Small Group, Live Interactive Training Sessions 

These hands-on sessions will take you step-by-step through proven approaches that will maximize LinkedIn for you and unlock the endless business opportunities available for you. Each session will provide time for you to implement and take action on the feature you learn to make certain you elevate your LinkedIn.

You will walk away from each session with progress toward your growth.

LinkedIn MasteryTwo Live Integration Sessions

These sessions provide you with additional dedicated time to continue to implement your LinkedIn success plan and get expert support for any questions you have along the way.

Instead of having items on your to-do list like with other courses, this session ensures you complete the steps that move you forward.

Optimize Your LinkedIn ProfileOne Individual Coaching Session (45-minute)

You and your business are unique, and this 1-on-1 Coaching session provides you with that personalized support to ensure you get the support you need to secure your success using LinkedIn.

Past clients have used this session to enhance their LinkedIn profile, explore a content creation plan to build credibility and engagement, or to learn additional LinkedIn features to support their growth. 

This is your opportunity to get personal assistance from a certified social media strategist.

$1500 Value

1️⃣ Level Up Your LinkedIn Profile’ Course – an all-inclusive, step-by-step guide to creating a profile that attracts ideal clients and connections.

2️⃣ Comprehensive Training Vault – access to all the LinkedIn Sessions and Bonuses from 2023 to supplement your mastery of LinkedIn.

3️⃣ 2024 Social Media Calendar with digital ‘Craft Your 2024 Social Media Content’ lesson – includes a year’s worth of strategic content ideas, viral video & caption hooks, and high-converting ‘Call-to-Action’ formulas.

4️⃣ The LinkedIn Mastery Jumpstart Private Group for ongoing support throughout the program.

5️⃣ Weekly Accountability ‘Check-in & Celebration of Your Wins to keep you focused and inspired.

LinkedIn Mastery Jumpstart Program with ALL Bonuses Valued at $6,500!

8-Week LinkedIn Mastery Jumpstart $799


We begin Wednesday, February 7th & Thursday, February 8th, 2024!

Attend Either Day or Evening Class!

LinkedIn Mastery Jumpstart

Wednesday, February 7 to March 27, 2024 | 11:30 am – 1:00 pm ET
(10.30 CT, 9:30 MT, 8:30 PT)


Thursday, February 8 to March 28, 2024 | 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm ET
(5:30 CT, 4:30 MT, 3:30 PT)

Are You Ready to Jumpstart Your LinkedIn?

Limited Time to Secure Your Spot —> $799  Enroll for ONLY $499 Today!LinkedIn Mastery

2 Month Pay Option —> Two (2) payments of $275 each!LinkedIn Mastery


Read what more of my clients are saying about learning to use LinkedIn to grow their business…


Nancy Peltonen

“I’ve known Cheri for quite some time through various organizations where she spoke and shared her expertise on social media platforms. I just finished her “Level Up Your LinkedIn,” course and was once again amazed by her wealth of knowledge and easy-going way of explaining the sometimes overwhelming details. I would definitely recommend her and her service to anyone wishing to improve their LinkedIn presence and know more about social media for their business.” – Christine Myers, Virtual Administrative Support Specialist

George Kerestes

“I’m SO excited to finally have my Company page set up and linked to my profile! Couldn’t have done it without the expertise of Cheri Martin So Social Visionary! Not really hard, just takes persistence and guidance, and professional help doesn’t hurt. Thank You, Cheri! Grateful!” – Charla Anderson, Coach, Speaker, and Author

Sandy Pfrimmer

“After attending Cheri Martin’s Level Up Your LinkedIn Profile masterclass I applied one of Cheri’s simple connection and communication strategies, and it landed me a new client!” –  Janice McIntosh, Home Health Nurse and Legal Nurse Consultant

Martha Sanchez

“I just completed Cheri Martin’s “Level Up Your LinkedIn” class and it was amazing. Even though I already was a LinkedIn user, there was still a lot to learn. The tips and tricks she provided were invaluable and at the end of the course, my pages were ready to go. The LinkedIn guide that she put together for us is TOP NOTCH.” – Pat Chin, Home Health and Wellness Consultant 

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