If you own a business, you likely spend time on Facebook or Instagram.
You may also have recently become increasingly frustrated by…LinkedIn Mastery

  • The posts you used to create and get tons of engagement on, are not even getting seen.
  • The leads that used to come easy, but barely trickle in now.
  • Wondering if your business is sustainable at this point.

You are NOT alone.  I am hearing this from so many business owners and entrepreneurs.

All the things that used to work are just not working, and the frustration with social media is growing.

What if I told you that I could help you to tap into an old resource in a new way so that instead of frustration, you can start to experience…

LinkedIn Mastery

Consistent engagement on your posts.

A renewed flow of connections and leads seeking you out.

A system that maximizes your time and results.

Well believe it or not, these are the results my clients who are learning to master LinkedIn are experiencing, including these women:

Nancy Peltonen

I decided to do a little experiment and post my weekly Teach Me Tuesday on both my Facebook business page and LinkedIn. The results after 2 weeks – no significant engagement on my Facebook post but both weeks’ people commented on my LinkedIn post. If you are not getting the results you want on Facebook, explore how LinkedIn might provide for more traction. Cheri Martin is an expert at LinkedIn and her classes on LinkedIn have really helped me update mine and begin to use it more consistently.” – Vicki Ibaugh, Business Coach and Certified Kolbe Consultant

George Kerestes

“After attending Cheri Martin’s Level Up Your LinkedIn Profile masterclass I applied one of Cheri’s simple strategies, and it landed me a new client!” –  Janice McIntosh, Home Health Nurse and Legal Nurse Consultant

Sandy Pfrimmer

“I’m SO excited to finally have my Company page set up and linked to my profile! Couldn’t have done it without the expertise of Cheri Martin So Social Visionary! Not really hard, just takes persistence and guidance, and professional help doesn’t hurt. Thank You, Cheri! Grateful!” – Charla Anderson, Coach, Speaker, and Author

Martha Sanchez

“Having participated in many of Cheri Martin’s social media classes, I appreciate her approach to teaching! She is clear, an expert “Social Media Guru” informing at my level and helps cure my inadequacies when it comes to where to start and create a plan to increase my business results through LinkedIn. Since I have participated in some of her classes over the past couple of years, I also have noticed how she stays at the forefront of the ever-changing world of social media. That is why Cheri is my go to for social media marketing education!” – Lisa Soloway, Real Estate Agent, eXp Realty

Now you may be thinking, “I’m not sure my clients are on LinkedIn, or I don’t have the time to spend on one more platform.” But let me ask you this: Is what you are doing now getting you the results you want? What if I could support you to make better use of your time and energy to get better results?

Hi, I am Cheri Martin, and I too fell into the trap of Facebook, and for many years it actually grew my business. Then as the ever changing algorithms adjusted, it slowly quit working as well.Cheri Martin teaching LinkedIn Mastery That is when I went back to one of the first platforms I ever used: LinkedIn.

I have been on LinkedIn since 2007, and began teaching my clients how to set up and use LinkedIn to network in 2008. I’ve coached over 2,500 individuals, corporate team members, and workshop attendees on how to build a robust LinkedIn profile, use best practices to attract a strong network, and lead generation strategies to gain new clients, collaboration partners, and speaking opportunities on LinkedIn.

In 2020, soon after the start of the pandemic, I had a number of associates and clients contact me for LinkedIn training. In the fall of 2020 I launched my first of eight, Level Up Your LinkedIn Profile masterclasses. It’s now time to add another necessary element to the masterclass — on-going training and coaching accountability for greater success.

For the first time, I am taking all the simple strategies and systems I use to grow my business and put them into a program that will get you back on track, The LinkedIn Mastery.

Welcome to LinkedIn Mastery

This 12 month program includes:

LinkedIn MasteryTwo LIVE INTERACTIVE LinkedIn Sessions
$6000 Value

Interactive, Engaging & Results Driven! 

Every month on the Second Wednesday, 11:30 am to 1 pm ET, you will have a 90-minute Impact-Focused LinkedIn Session that will support you in achieving your LinkedIn networking goals with confidence. You will expand your knowledge, gather insights related to the LinkedIn platform, and learn content, tools, techniques, updates, and strategies, to move your business forward with Growth, Prosperity, and Success!

Every month on the Fourth Wednesday, 11:30 am to 1 pm ET, we will gather for a 90-minute ‘LinkUp’ Get-It-Done Session. Want insight on yourLinkedIn Updates and Features LinkedIn profile? Have questions about the content you are creating? Need guidance on how to reach more people, generate quality leads, or with the many features and tools on LinkedIn? This is the time for you to get your questions answered, and take action by implementing what you learn!

$2000 Value

Level Up Your LinkedIn Profile & Content Creation Day 

The LIVE Quarterly Masterclasses intend to assist you in positioning your LinkedIn Profile to stand out and gain the attention of your target audience, and in planning your content strategy and creating content so that you consistently show up and confidently know … ‘What to say, How to say it and Where to say it’, to attract the clients that are searching for what you offer!

2023 Level Up Your LinkedIn Profile Masterclass: March 15th and September 20th
2023 Content Creation Day: June 21st and November 29th

$1500 Value

  • Jumpstart Training to set you up for LinkedIn Success!
  • Comprehensive Training Vault with access to all the LinkedIn Monthly Sessions and Quarterly Masterclass recordings, videos, worksheets, templates, and other handouts
  • Ongoing Support from Cheri in The LinkedIn Mastery Private Group
  • Weekly Accountability ‘Check-in’ & Celebration of Your WINS to keep you focused and inspired
  • A place to Promote and share your business and interests in the LinkedIn Mastery Private Group while engaging and connecting with other focused, passion-driven, action-taking entrepreneurs
  • Discounts on Special Courses and Services

The LinkedIn Mastery Program with ALL Bonuses Valued at $9,500!

ENROLL TODAY! We begin Wednesday, January 11, 2023!

ONLY $499!!!LinkedIn Mastery

12 Month Pay Option – $49 a month!LinkedIn Mastery


Here’s what others have said about using LinkedIn to grow their business…


Nancy Peltonen

“I’ve known Cheri for quite some time through various organizations where she spoke and shared her expertise on social media platforms. I just finished day one of her “Level Up Your LinkedIn,” course and was once again amazed by her wealth of knowledge and easy-going way of explaining the sometimes overwhelming details. I would definitely recommend her and her service to anyone wishing to improve their presence and know more about social media for their business.” – Christine Myers, Virtual Administrative Support Specialist

George Kerestes

“Cheri gave a great presentation at a Legal Nurse Consulting conference I attended. Her presentation included valuable information on how our members could leverage social media and optimize our LinkedIn profiles. She was generous in offering each conference attendee a brief one-to-one meeting as well. I took advantage of that offer and am grateful that I did. Cheri reviewed my profile and brought my attention to some areas needing improvement. Had I not spoken with her, I would not have thought of some of her recommendations on my own. She is a highly valuable resource to anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of social media and how to use it effectively.” – Lynda Waggoner, DNP, APRN, Legal Nurse Consultant and Nurse Practitioner 

Sandy Pfrimmer

“I just completed Cheri Martin’s “Level Up Your LinkedIn” class and it was amazing. Even though I already was a LinkedIn user, there was still a lot to learn. The tips and tricks she provided were invaluable and at the end of the course, my pages were ready to go. The LinkedIn guide that she put together for us is TOP NOTCH.” – Pat Chin, Home Health and Wellness Consultant 

Martha Sanchez

“Hoping to come away with a stellar profile after taking Cheri Martin’s “Level Up Your LinkedIn” course, I was surprised with the results. Not quite finished with all the suggested and targeted updates Cheri recommended in completing my profile, I received notification from LinkedIn that I am currently an “All-Star!” WhooHoo!! Cheri keeps tabs on the intricacies and changes LinkedIn implements on a daily basis and shares them with her people. I highly recommend taking one of Cheri’s classes to learn from this brilliant influencer on the topic of social media. Following and working with this woman will be one of the best, and smartest, decisions you make today!” – Peggy Lee Hanson, Book Writing Coach and Publisher

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