Level Up Your LinkedIn Profile Course 

For Entrepreneurs who want to enhance their online presence, attract high-paying clients, have engaging conversations, and generate quality leads. 

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linkedin icon  A LinkedIn profile that has you standing out from the crowd, grabbing attention, setting you apart from your competitors, and drawing in potential clients who are eagerly seeking the solutions you offer.
linkedin icon  A simple engagement strategy that will create quality connections, expanding your network strategically and building meaningful relationships that can open doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and referrals.
linkedin icon  A Daily LinkedIn Action Checklist to keep you ‘top of mind’ by aiding you in sharing valuable content, engaging in thought-provoking discussions, connecting intentionally, and being known before you are needed. 

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An online course with Cheri Martin, Social Media Strategist, LinkedIn Coach, Trainer, and Speaker
Nancy Peltonen

I decided to do a little experiment and post my weekly Teach Me Tuesday on both my Facebook business page and LinkedIn. The results after 2 weeks – no significant engagement on my Facebook post but both weeks’ people commented on my LinkedIn post. If you are not getting the results you want on Facebook, explore how LinkedIn might provide for more traction. Cheri Martin is an expert at LinkedIn and her classes on LinkedIn have really helped me update mine and begin to use it more consistently.” – Vicki Ibaugh, Business Coach and Certified Kolbe Consultant

George Kerestes

“After attending Cheri Martin’s Level Up Your LinkedIn Profile masterclass I applied one of Cheri’s simple strategies, and it landed me a new client!” –  Janice McIntosh, Home Health Nurse and Legal Nurse Consultant

Sandy Pfrimmer

“I just completed Cheri Martin’s “Level Up Your LinkedIn” class and it was amazing. Even though I already was a LinkedIn user, there was still a lot to learn. The tips and tricks she provided were invaluable and at the end of the course, my pages were ready to go. The LinkedIn guide that she put together for us is TOP NOTCH.” – Pat Chin, Home Health and Wellness Consultant 

Martha Sanchez

“Having participated in many of Cheri Martin’s social media classes, I appreciate her approach to teaching! She is clear, an expert “Social Media Guru” informing at my level and helps cure my inadequacies when it comes to where to start and create a plan to increase my business results through LinkedIn. Since I have participated in some of her classes over the past couple of years, I also have noticed how she stays at the forefront of the ever-changing world of social media. That is why Cheri is my go to for social media marketing education!” – Lisa Soloway, Real Estate Agent, REAL BROKER

The Level Up Your LinkedIn Profile Online Course

Includes 5 Modules and Course Workbook

Module 1: Introduction
Getting Started – Conducting a LinkedIn Audit LinkedIn Profile

Module 2: Create a Compelling and Optimized LinkedIn Profile – Part One
First Impressions Count – LinkedIn Profile Introduction Section   

Module 3: Create a Compelling and Optimized LinkedIn Profile – Part Two
LinkedIn 3 C’s for Success – About, Experience, Education Sections  

Module 4: Create a Compelling and Optimized LinkedIn Profile – Part Three
Recommendations – Additional LinkedIn Profile Sections & Other Features

Module 5: Daily LinkedIn Action Checklist
Next Steps – Strategies for Connecting, Communicating, Converting 

Elevate Your LinkedIn Profile and Unlock Endless Business Opportunities 

Elevate Your LinkedIn Profile and Unlock Endless Business OpportunitiesDuring this course you will gain the knowledge and tools needed to craft a standout LinkedIn profile that…
▶️ Grabs attention
▶️ Builds authentic connections
▶️And effortlessly attracts ideal clients who are actively seeking the solutions you offer
Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your LinkedIn presence and propel your business towards unprecedented growth.

Level Up Your LinkedIn Profile Online Course

Meet Your LinkedIn Coach

Martha Sanchez

Cheri Martin is known as the “So Social Visionary” for her approach to the art of social networking. She is a certified social media strategist, and LinkedIn coach, trainer, speaker, with more than 26 years online marketing experience, and 16 years LinkedIn training and coaching.

Her skill in mastering the different social media sites, passion for networking, and joy of teaching led her to assist entrepreneurs and small business professionals in simplifying their social media marketing efforts.

Cheri is always eager to share her expertise through training, coaching, and speaking so that her clients and audience can eliminate social media overwhelm with easy relationship marketing strategies and simple systems so that they are more visible, credible, and profitable with their online networking.

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Level Up Your LinkedIn Profile Online Course

5 Modules and Course Workbook

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Level Up Your LinkedIn Profile Online Course

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