Congratulations! You’ve found your way to the Social Media Training and Coaching page. This means you’ve already made some excellent choices. Here you will find solutions that will help you chart the best path for your social media marketing.

I have trained and coached a wide variety of industries since 2009, working with solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, network marketers, coaches, authors, sales professionals, and small business owners. My promise is to make you feel comfortable with all the available tools, walking you through Facebook, LinkedIn, and other online marketing techniques to assist you with your social media marketing success.

Training and Coaching

Whether you are new to social media, just trying to keep up with the latest trends, Facebook changes, online tools, or need a social media strategy; I will guide you every step of the way. My goal is to navigate you through the ever-evolving maze of social media, providing plenty of takeaways in each of my individual or group trainings. I will lead you in the direction you want to go so that you reach your destination and get the results you desire! I am your guide to simplifying social media for growth, prosperity, and success.

Let’s Get Started!

The So Social Visionary Training and Coaching Programs are a popular way to establish a robust social media presence and learn what it takes to implement a solid social media marketing effort.

Individual Social Media Training and Coaching

All training and coaching programs are taught via zoom and are customized for your level.

Kick-Start Social Media Program

(Three 1-hour training sessions)

This program is ideal for the person who needs assistance with the benefits of social media marketing and desires to focus on learning the basics of ONE social media platform (Facebook or LinkedIn).

Learn how to:

  • Navigate and Use the Site Features
  • Optimize the Page or Profile
  • Attract Followers
  • Engagement Skills
  • Posting Strategies
  • Best Practices


  • Facebook OR LinkedIn Guide
  • Phone & email support between sessions

Premium Social Media Program

(Six 1-hour training sessions)

This program is ideal for the person who has Facebook, and LinkedIn set up and desires to become proficient in both of these TWO social media platforms or mastering ONE social media platform to grow their business. (Facebook or LinkedIn)

Learn how to:

  • Navigate and Use the Sites Features
  • Optimize the Page and Profile
  • Use Facebook and LinkedIn Groups
  • Attract Followers
  • Engagement Skills
  • Posting Strategies
  • Best Practices
  • Increase Visibility
  • Content Creation


  • Facebook AND LinkedIn Guide
  • Phone & email support between sessions

Elite Social Media Program

(Eight 1-hour coaching sessions)

This program is ideal for those who have their select social media platforms set up and have a basic understanding of social media marketing. And wants to create a Social Media Strategic Action Plan to achieve more remarkable results with their social media marketing efforts to grow their business!

Through brainstorming and research, we’ll design your custom social media strategic action plan. Together we’ll develop processes, metrics, and a content marketing plan that will align with your business goals.


  • Social Media Marketing Guide
  • A Custom Social Media Strategy
  • Phone & email support between sessions

LinkedIn Profile ‘Done for You’ Program

Don’t want to, or have the time to, optimize your LinkedIn Profile?

I Can Do It For You!

You will receive:

  • A 100% complete LinkedIn profile that presents a professional image to visitors and showcases your expertise
  • An optimized LinkedIn profile that will get you found by prospects based on keywords that will attract those seeking your solutions


  • Level Up Your LinkedIn Guide
  • A Two-hour Training Session on Connection, Engagement, and Content Strategies

You are an integral part of this process. You will need to supply the content, images, and other items required for me to complete your LinkedIn Profile in your voice.

Arty Pagan

“Cheri’s excellent training on Facebook helped me become very proficient quickly using this social media in my business, and opened up a whole new area of marketing and communication for my agency. As a result, I have picked up several new clients and business partners, and found additional opportunities to brand my business in a broader geographical area.” – Arty Pagan, State Farm Insurance Agent in Viera, FL

Cindy Foley

“I needed someone to encourage me, steer me, make me accountable, teach me how to prioritize, help me trust in myself, work through my insecurities so I could find courage to put myself and my new product out there. I cannot say enough about how Cheri helped me to do all those things and more. Cheri is an expert at what she does, and performs so firmly and softly that the work she suggested I do seemed effortless and helped me reach my goals.” Cindy Foley, Author

Kathy Clinton

“I just finished some intense one-on-one training with Cheri Martin and cannot say enough wonderful things about what I have learned. All my questions were answered in terms I could understand. The changes I’m making in my marketing strategies have brought in new customers.” – Kathy Clinton, Executive Director Hidden Potentials, Inc.

Krissy Willer

“I owe a lot to Cheri Martin for showing me how to get my business noticed the best way possible, by networking! You taught me how to be the best marketer for my own business because I am the best at selling my product and as hard as it seemed at first, you really broke it down so that I could understand and use it to my best ability!” – Krissy Willer, Licensed Real Estate Agent at Dale Sorensen Real Estate, Inc.