“Content marketing is really like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date.”
– David Beebe

Likewise, as a brand, if all you do is talk about how great you are and provide no value to your audience, they won’t engage, or buy from you.

When it comes to building your online communities, varying your content will get you better engagement. Why is this important? It will keep your connections, fans, and followers engaged, and engaged users are more likely to turn into loyal customers and clients!

I teach my clients the following principle, “Social media is about building relationships; focus on your ability to engage and your willingness to give value.”

The simple guideline I use to teach this principle is the 50-30-20 Formula!

Keep in mind that you need to adapt the content for the social network you are posting to, as each has their own tonality. For example: Facebook is more social than LinkedIn, my two ‘go to’ social networking platforms.

I compare the activity on Facebook to a local pub or sports bar, you know, where everybody knows your name, and then some!

Whereas LinkedIn, the #1 lead generation social platform and largest B2B social network is more professional. You want to show up there like you would to a tradeshow or association event.

So, what is the 50 – 30 – 20 Formula?

50% of Content should be Interesting and Entertaining

Be conversational by asking questions or thoughts; people love to talk about themselves. Share ideas to get input, post inspirational quotes, interesting industry facts, or a fun photo that relates to your business. Using images and videos will get you the most likes, shares, and comments.

30% of Content should be Informative and ResourcefulWrite for your audience

By consistently sharing useful and informational content to your community they will turn to you when they need questions answered. Offer tips, industry trends, current happenings, and statistics; provide content from other sources so they don’t have to do the research.

20% of Content should be Promotional and about YOU

Yes, it is okay to talk about your business and offer links to your services, events, and new product launches; however, be mindful to not always be selling. A best practice to learn is the ‘Art of Unselling’, this is sharing value by directing your followers to where they can learn more about the solutions you offer to their challenges. Such as your blog, a new product or service, and the best strategy is to take them to your website by offering them a free gift.

The key component for success to the 50-30-20 Content Formula is to Write for Your Audience, Not For YOU!

Author: Cheri Martin, So Social Visionary
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